The Real as Spectacle

The act of discovery, the power of curiosity, trial and error, the possibility of play – these factors feed into an endless cycle of creation and decomposition that characterises both the natural and human-made worlds. This impermanent nature of sensory experience occupies my field of creative inquiry.

I am interested in perception, particularly in how belief and imagination can play out in our encounters with art. These works draw inspiration from the observed world and the notion that a tangible, perhaps ephemeral object or moment can somehow be brought back to life—reinterpreted through the artist’s hand as re-made readymades.

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List of Works:

1   Hafen, 2012, Egg shells installation, Dimensions variable. Collection of the artist.

2   Doppelganger, 2012, Acrylic gloss gel medium, Dimensions variable. Collection of the artist.

3   Waffling womble, 2012, Pencil shavings and UHU glue, 710 x 550 x 470 mm. Collection of the artist.

4   Stuffin, 2012, Foam strips, 1570 x 410 x 310 mm. The James Wallace Arts Trust.

5   Newood, 2012, Newspapers and PVA glue, 990 x 75 x 33 mm. Collection of the artist.

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