Urbis Designday, Silo Park 2013 – Update 3

The day has finally arrived! On Saturday March 23, 10 am – 5 pm, everyone’s work was installed and ready to go out to the public. The turn out was great. Had a bit of disaster with my own work (which I can’t wait to write about) but overall, the exhibition was a success I must say.

MC Jon Bridges entertains guests in the warm up to the Urbis Designday announcement.

It was about 3 hours into the free event when suddenly, out of nowhere, a random guy from the public decided to purposefully blind-folded himself, jumped onto my artwork and started singing opera!?!?!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to witness ‘this amazing spectacle’ which was a total bummer. When I was told what had happened, I just could not have believed why anyone would do such a thing, I was just speechless…

I’m still not clear on why this had happened, but I think there maybe several scenarios which I could come up with given the situation. One, it might have been an impromptu art performance where he shows up at art events and destroys someone else’s artwork. Two, he was a drunk opera singer. Or three, he was just a crazy person from the public, obviously drunk and knew how to sing opera. Whatever the case, I’m glad it’s over. But I just can’t get my head over why it had happened?

All in all, I have only this to say: A rather interesting turn of events, unaccounted for, happened on a fine sunny day.  

Here are some of the artworks shown:

Andrea Baker 2013

Andrea Baker, 2013, “It’s a lovely day to”

Ashlea and Monika

Ashlea Lawson and Monika Goodman, 2013, “Material Reflections”

Clinton Richards 1

Clinton Richards, 2013, “Golden Empathy”

Clinton Richards 2

Clinton Richards, 2013 “Depth”

IMG_7205Daphne Simons

Daphne Simons, 2013, “Tim Chapman, David from Fortress Fasteners, Tommy Honey, Nick Burnfield, Jerry and Kingi from Woodmart, Jack from Bunnings, Marieke’s boss Vic and Ashlea’s brother Aaron and his girlfriend” 

Louise Keen

Louise Keen, 2013 “Twas Grace that bought us safe so far, and Grace will lead us home”

Notice the fog/smoke on the bottom of the image, creeping into Keen’s work, that is Thompson’s smoke machine.


Unfortunately, I don’t have an actual image of his work since it was placed in an obscure place.

Annie Puri‘s projection above, …

2013-03-21 11.34.42

and her and Marc hard at work installing beforehand. NB: the density of that smoke covering my Grass work in the middle.

Ada Leung Gather

Annie Puri, Ada Leung and Marc Thompson, 2013, “Gather and Other Simulations”

This was the final installation of my Gather grass work that was eventually stood upon… You may be thinking that random public member couldn’t see my work in the middle given the smoke covering it. But I was told that he did know and intentionally blinded-folded himself before he prepared to jump. So thanks alot crazy opera dude!

salvageable aftermath

The unsalvageable aftermath…

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