Silo Artist Statement – Update 4

As an extension of my last post, I’ve realised that I did not say much about my own work in terms of context and relevance for the exhibition in the Silos. I apologise for the ranting.

2013-03-20 making

2 boxes

ada installing

Gather (Harvest) is an installation work that reflects upon nature and the ever-present quality of time. It is conceived by the need of the artist to perform and complete a task until a work is produced.

Plucked from the back yard of New Zealand’s green landscape, this project requires grass is to be gathered, counted and tied into bundles, from which each bundle consistently holds 100 blades of grass. It is from this rather tedious and monotonous process of art making that forms the basis of my practice and of this work. The repetition within the process follows a rather laborious methodology, almost mimicking a labourer reaping at harvest time. As such, with each act of collection, it brings to mind aspects of seasonal regeneration, hard labour and the abundance of harvest.

By situating this work within the confines of this sub-terminal site, I believe an interesting comparison can be formed. The Silos, formerly cement containers, now hold the foundation of this art event. Like so, the function of grass once removed from its original location begins to wither and fade. With time, its texture, hue and context slowly begin to change as well. Therefore, a sense of transformation and renewal is given to both the work and the site; a second life that defers, but not straying far from its primary function.

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