New Takes

So for the exhibition, I made a new work out of newspaper. Developing on from my last work Newood (which I made for my grad show) but instead of pasting in linear motion, I rolled the newspaper so that it appears more cylindrical. As such, much like a tree branch, the more time I spend on making the work, the more it grows. 


What I love about this installation is that it’s displayed on a window sill, commenting symbolically and abstractly into the world. It’s literally looking at the real world since that is the purpose of newspapers. There is also a desire longing to be real, yearning to be apart of nature amongst the other tree branches on the outside. It’s also displayed in a sense where the work can be easily missed and ignored, both figuratively and literally in meaning. 

IMG_8030 IMG_8017

This work is titled “Do you know…” which is a phrase taken from the movie God bless America (2011). In the brief given to us artists, we were to respond to our randomly selected movie in any direction and media we desired. Those who don’t know the movie, to roughly sum it up in one sentence, its a violent movie where the protagonist goes on a rampage killing the unkind because he is disgusted with everything that’s rancid about contemporary America. So in response, I took a tired mundane object to turn anew; something that was ‘cheap’ in a sense, from which I applied a low-tech methodology whilst utilising exaggeration.   

Here are some other studio shots:

do you know...


This work is also part of the titled Newood series where I continue to look at my interest in transformation via the use of repetition, in particular, the act of repeating as a comment on everyday life.

From mass-produced to singular, commonplace to peculiar, useful to useless, 2D to 3D – this work reverts what was once nature back to its original form. Newspapers are typically printed publications containing criticism, entertainment, advertisements and if not, subjective opinions on everyday issues and events. By reconstructing such an informative and iconic item into something that perceives to be natural, I am looking at ideas pertaining to sustainability, technological impact and most importantly, how everything perceives to move in cycles.

Here are more images of the show:

installation shot2 installation shot1 installation shot

For more pictures, click here.

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