Accusations & Assumptions

I recently finished a project-space residency at the Pearce Gallery and had an exhibition at the end showcasing the fruits of my labour.  This was the first time Pearce Gallery hosted a project-space residency and so I was excited about this opportunity. The artist in situ began from the 9 September – 5 October 2013 and held the opening night for the show on the 30 September 2013.



Accusations & Assumptions

This project-space residency exhibition by Auckland artist Ada Leung continues to look at her interest in re-contextualisation through re-purposing commonplace items and ideas. Often using patience and labour intensive processes as her methodology, she works precariously in order to shift the viewer’s perception of the everyday, resulting in rather ironic transformations.

During her time at the college, the nostalgic recollection of studying strikes back; the ability to analyse, develop, meet deadlines, late nights, ultimately resulting in final presentations and resolutions. These series of works therefore respond to those expectations and challenges, whilst being literally ambiguous.

List of works:

1     Newstrunk, 2013, Newspaper and PVA glue, Ø 140mm x 280 mm.

2     Badonka-Bonks, 2013, Pencil shavings, UHU glue and Shellac, 410 x 480 x 455 mm.

3     Jamming eighty seven, 2013, Video projection on continuous loop, Duration 7:38 mins (in collaboration with Hanue)

4     t-bag. 2013, Newspaper cuttings, tea bag, string and paper, 65 x 40 mm.

5     Ume, 2013, Dried acrylic paint on paper, 445 x 410mm.

6     Butter-stick station, 2013, Mixed media, Dimensions variable.

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This exhibition forms part of Ada Leung’s project-space residency at Pearce Gallery from 9 September – 5 October 2013.


For enquiries about this show or sale of works, feel free to contact me directly. 

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