I was invited to be in a group show at Seed Gallery this autumn and made 4 works to be part of the show. Am very grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank Kate Mullins and Emma Pritchard for their generosity.

Exhibition Invite


Taking its name from Ovid’s collection of poems, this exhibition showcases artists for whom metamorphosis is a vital element of their work. In the first instance, in taking matter and re-forming or re-configuring it, the sculptor effects the metamorphosis of base material into artwork. Furthermore, as our world, our lives and our selves are constantly changing in physical form, appearance and character it follows that the artwork of our time should reflect this.

Metamorphoses will include new sculpture by contemporary NZ artists Ada Leung, Janna van Hasselt, Oliver Stretton-Pow, Aaron McConchie, Richard Kearney and Mason Vincent. Between them, this group of artists has worked with sculpture in the form of object, installation, assemblage and ready-made; and with themes of metamorphosis which range from comical to lyrical and visceral to cerebral.

List of works:

1      Anemone Rose, 2014, Vegetable gelatin capsules, UHU glue and resin. 125 x 100 x 120 mm.

2      Erenna Milk, 2014, Vegetable gelatin capsules, UHU glue and resin. 100 x 90 x 160 mm.

3      Monti-cap Emerald, 2014, Vegetable gelatin capsules, UHU glue and resin. 185 x 175 x 105 mm.

4      Staedtler Sepals, 2014, Pencil shavings, UHU glue and resin. 230 x 240 x 210 mm.

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For more info. on the other artist’s works, feel free to visit the sites listed below.


For enquiries about this show or sale of works, feel free to contact me directly. 

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