Everyone Everything Art

Took part in an exhibition called Everyone Everything Art at 203H in La Gonda Arcade in K’rd. It was an open invitation to everyone and accepted ‘everything’ deemed as art, as the title suggests.

This was something I don’t usually do and it was quite an impromptu decision to participate. But I needed to get myself motivated and get out there to meet some new people. I was glad that I did, because I got to meet up with some familiar faces. Interesting night overall.

31 July 2014, 6pmI put forward the work “Allsorts” (from the Confections series) as I thought it would go well with any sort of ‘artwork’. Made of dried acrylic paint, this work pays homage to the common liquorice allsorts candy you would find in any English supermarkets. The zip-lock bag thus references that connotation and my personal signature stamp is the call number.

'Allsorts' $80

 Allsorts, 2011-13. Dried acrylic paint pieces in supermarket zip-lock bag (240 x 160 x 25 mm).



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