LOOK at K’Rd (Artweek 2014)

For Artweek this year in Auckland, I was contacted by Uptown Arts Trust and Jersey Collective member Lyn Dallison. She came across my work  in the exhibition Everyone Everything Art in 203H La Gonda Arcade in K’Rd a few months ago. I was pretty surprised that something else came about from this exhibition, since it was merely a last minute decision to participate. I’m happy that I did though … really pleased!

I had a few locations to choose where my work could be shown, and I choose a window display at Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) at 129 K’Rd.

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Mondrian is widely known for his non-representational forms of pure abstraction. Neoplasticism was the name he gave to these compositions. This consisted of reducing essential elements of form and colour to its most refined state: simplified visual compositions to only vertical and horizontal lines and the use of only primary colours along with deemed non-colours black and white.

Square, rectangle and other oddities (2014) adopts such principles and subverts these ideals through the use of cut out mass-media imageries. IMAG0314

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