Reverie in Happiness Island

I am very excited to be able to present my first solo show at Seed Gallery this year, titled “Reverie in Happiness Island”. Thank you to everyone who came to see my show and for the great feedback. Special thanks to Kate and Emma for taking me on and for being patience with my works as they are experimental in terms of material use.


Reverie in Happiness Island
24 June – 11 July 2015
Preview: 23 June, 5 – 7pm

Ada Leung creates conglomerate works using commonplace found objects and materials. Her use of the readymade allows echoes of the histories and former functions of these objects to remain within the finished works.

For this body of work, Leung has appropriated various materials with medicinal applications. These she has re-purposed as the base materials for process driven abstracts or biomorphic imaginary structures. The forms of her capsule works also call to mind molecular geometry or plant forms, a circular reference that could lead back to medicine. So while the title of Leung’s exhibition suggests a fantastical, far-flung place – the setting for a daydream – this reverie may be underpinned by something darker.

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For more documentation and info. have a look at the sites below.


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