Seeing Stars

Seed Gallery’s 10th annual Christmas exhibition brought together 300 unique and desirable artworks for a show of monumental proportions. Every year, Seed Gallery invites 30 artists to respond to a specified template; past iterations have included wooden balls, crosses, hoops and diamonds. This year’s template was a four pointed star; a symbol already brimming with allusions and associations.

Seeing Stars

3o artists this year were: Tracey Black, Rachel Brooks, Andrea du Chatenier, Marisia Dudek, Tabatha Forbes, Richard Freestone, Nuala Gregory, Belinda Griffiths, Richard Kearney, Ada Leung, Duncan Pepe Long, Veronika Maser, Louise McRae, Naomi Nakama, Ainsley O’Connell, Paddy O’Rourke, Kristin Perrett, John Pusateri, Mark Rayner, Aiko Robinson, Kylie Rusk, Annie Sandano, Holly Shepheard, Tevita Sung, Rebecca Thomson, Janna van Hasselt, Jesse Watson, Sophie Watson and Sarah Williams.

For more information on the works, visit website: 

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Another successful exhibition indeed!

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