“A World of Matter” – MFA 1 exhibition 2016

This project explores the nature and ontology of objects through strategies of repurposing and adaption. Seemingly mundane materials adopt new dispositions as objects, as a re-contextualisation occurs in the attempt to alter an object’s intended purpose. Each work presented is an exploration into the thing’s capacity to seduce.

Inspired by the philosophical movement of Speculative Realism, whereby objects are revamped as the centre of all things, this body of work provokes the viewer to consider how inanimate things might possibly be imbued with a vitality or life force. A kind of potential is held within these objects, one that can somehow be brought back to life, reinterpreted through the artist’s hand as a re-made readymade.

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Drawing inspiration from the world, raw and readymade things which have a cheap, accessible and humble presence are presented to explore how energy might be embodied in ordinary matter.

Simple objects such as balloons, egg shells, printed advertisements and organic matter are re-contextualised to form new objects. Transformation via lo-fi methods and technology has been predominately applied to create value and emphasis on the object’s materiality.

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